Hot Melt Glue for Adhesive Tape # JD5l

  • Iem code:# JD5l
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  • Trade Terms: FOB/CIF/CFR/EXW
  • Lead time: Within 2 Weeks
  • Package: Hard cardboard box/plywood case/pallet
  • MOQ: 1000kg
Application# JD5l is designed for trademark, label.
FeatureLow temperature operation, good initial tack, good adhesion property, good weather resistance, good ability on water-proof, no oil leakage and easy for label cutting.
AppearanceColorless, transparent
Peel adhesion to SUS 304 plate  ,  51N/25mm

(N/25MM, 300mm/minutes)
Softening point124 °C
Usage guidance1. Suggested operation temperature: 180°C-200°C.
2. Suggested tooling method: hot-melt spray nozzle or blade coating systems.
3. Suggested cleaning method: Clean the equipment with mineral oil at 120°C. Then flush it with the same type adhesive below 170°C.
Precautions1.The property of glue adhesion will differ from the different surfaces of substrate and thickness of applied adhesive.
2. Material is applied hot-appropriated clothing and eye protection should be used.
3. Please keep the adhesive below 170°C during operation to keep the lowest danger of flammable volatiles.
4. During adhesive operation, make sure the air flow and any fire is prohibited.
Package1kg/block,each block with a release paper,20kgs in a carton.
Storage2 years in dry and cool environment below 35°C and far from fire, unexposed to the sunlight.