Hot Melt Adhesives For Express Bags #CU5006

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  • Package: Hard cardboard box/plywood case/pallet
  • MOQ: 1000kg

CU5006 Features:
*A light-colored hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive specially developed for instant sealing of express bags.
It can paste a variety of express bag materials instantly, with high bonding strength, and the bonding strength can
achieve the effect of destroying the more general substrates (extra strong and thick substrates require special hot
melt adhesive).

Typical physical properties
AppearanceBulk solid
Colorlight-colored Yellow
Softening pointApprox 87°C
Melt viscosityApprox2500~3500 cps@160°C
180° Peel adhesion (300MM/MIN)Approx 50.0N/INCH
Glue thickness70um
Operation SystemIt is recommended to use a hot melt glue machine system with a gear pump
Operation Temperature140°C-170°C
1. The material to be adhered should be clean and free of dust. If necessary, use a suitable solvent to clean the surface to ensure that there is no oil stains.。

2. The glue machine suggest to be used at a lower temperature, and clean it regularly in a short period of time.。

3. If the sizing system is not used for a long time, the system temperature must be lowered to reduce the high temperature carbonization and high temperature decomposition of the hot melt adhesive.

Cleaning Method
1. Direct removal of carbonized particles by mechanical methods

2. For the cleaning of thermoplastic adherends that have not been carbonized, it is recommended to clean them with a cleaning agent at high temperatures (about 130∼150C).