Hot Melt Adhesive for Auto Lamps Sealing #TB3061

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After selection of the market, the lights sealing method is mainly hot melt adhesives, silicone sealants, polyurethane and foam material adding mechanical fixing, of which hot melt adhesive take the largest amount of market.

Each sealing method has its advantages and disadvantages. After years of research and investigation, Weasy found qualified hot melt adhesive and reasonable mechanical fixation is a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe method of sealing.Weasy developed the high performance lights SIS hot melt adhesive and obtained national patents, third-party test reports proved that its performance in car headlight is better than Yokohama, Japan. Currently more than 80% of the domestic lighting market with our hot melt adhesives.

SIS hot melt adhesive bonds various material of all the lights, in the range of -40  ~ 140 , it maintains good adhesion on lights material and has good adhesion on the hardening treatment surface of lamp shells to prevent covering adhesive portion during hardening process accidentally . It remains solid at a high temperature (e.g. 140  or higher), and a certain intensity, which can have a sealing effect for fluid. Glue has enough flexibility and will not break in the process of vehicles moving. Opening long enough and solidifying fast enough makes it easy to operate. Appropriate liquidity makes it suitable for operating and does not flow in the plastic tank after sizing, to ensure uniform sizing.

ApplicationTB3061  is designed for Auto Lamps
Feature hot melt adhesive is characterized by thermoplastic, solidification after cooling, no chemical reaction, no residue of small molecules, easy operation, safety and environmental protection.
AppearanceBlack or Grey
Viscosity15000±100cps   @180°C
Softening point125±5°C
Usage guidance1. Suggested operation temperature: 180°C-210°C.
2. Suggested tooling method: hot-melt spray nozzle or blade coating systems.
3. Suggested cleaning method: Clean the equipment with mineral oil at 180°C. Then flush it with the same type adhesive below 210°C.
Precautions1.The property of glue adhesion will differ from the different surfaces of substrate and thickness of applied adhesive.
2. Material is applied hot-appropriated clothing and eye protection should be used.
3. Please keep the adhesive below 210°C during operation to keep the lowest danger of flammable volatiles.
4. During adhesive operation, make sure the air flow and any fire is prohibited.
Package1kg/block,each block with a release paper,20kgs in a carton.
Storage3 years in dry and cool environment below 35°C and far from fire, unexposed to the sunlight.