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Waterproof Cloth Tapes GF0306-125
  • Item Code: GF0306-125
  • Port: Guangzhou(huangpu)
  • MOQ: 4000
  • Color: Custom

  • Product Details

                                                                Waterproof Cloth Tapes GF0306-125



Waterproof Cloth Tapes GF0306-125 is made of the cloth laminated with PE film
The adhesive is hot melt glue and make it has better adhesion than the general tape
High temperature resistance and antioxidation
It can bear the heavy power
We have the transportation advantage due to near the Guangzhou(huangpu) Port
Good insulativity



Typical Physical
(21 Degree, stainless steel)
Note:    Typical data for reference, not for specification purpose.
Testing method
Peel adhesion at 180°: 15± 2N/inch   D 3330
Tensile Strength: 76N/inch D 3759
Elongation at Break: 15% D 3759
Holding Power: >24h D 3654
Total Thickness:



D 3652

Little knowledge for tape application:

1.The laminated adhesion depends on the contact area therefore a proper pressure & time helps improve the adhesion strength.

2.The substrates should be clean without oil, clean using solvents when necessary.

3.The best laminate temperature is room temperature; it becomes hard when temperature approach 0 as the adhesive film becomes firm.

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