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Customized Double sided PET tape PT0306-H2580
  • Item Code: PT0306-H2580
  • Port: Guangzhou (huangpu)
  • MOQ: 4000
  • Color: white release liner

  • Product Details

Customized Double sided PET tape PT0306-H2580


  • Ultra-thin: Up to 0.03mm thinnest, can be customized requirement.

  • High viscosity to most common smooth substrate.

  • Soft and black PET film has good shading performance.

  • Environmental: environmantally materials

Typical Physical Properties
(21 Degree, stainless steel)

Note:    Typical data for reference, not for specification purpose.

Testing method
Total Thickness 80um D 3330  
Peel adhesion at 180°: >25N/25mm D 3121
Initial adhesion: 6# D 3654
Holding Power: 72h D 3759
Temperature resistance -20-80

Little knowledge for tape application:

  • 1. Used for variety substrate bonding, such as metal panel, plastic and films.

  • 2. Ideas for graphic overlays, nameplates, appliques and decoratives trim.

  • 3. Good for mobile phone parts attachment, such as gasket, mesh, insulation films.

  • 4. Fixing of reflection foil to LCD frame.

  • 5. Good for LCD BLU mounting.

  • 6. Good for battery pack mounting.

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