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Cost-effective Hot Melt Glue G-045C
  • Item Code: G-045C
  • Port: Guangzhou (huangpu)
  • MOQ: 4000
  • Color: multi color

  • Product Details

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Glue for OPP, PE, PP Material Bonding G-045C


Based on the company's patented technology, our pressure sensitive adhesive bond very wide range of materials, including the general metal, plastic, EPDM rubber, and silicone rubber, the performance is excellent.

Physical Properties

Soften point (°C): 150
Viscosity (cP):  55000cps
Low Temperature: Suitable for general use
Paper label
oil leakage 70°C
Features: excellent high/low temperature performance
Description: Viscosity yet
Suggested Ap-plication: materials like PVC, reclaimed materials

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