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Aluminum Foil Tape GF0301-200
  • Item Code: GF0301-212
  • Port: Guangzhou(huangpu)
  • MOQ: 4000
  • Color: Silvery

  • Product Details

                                                                   Aluminum Foil Tape GF0301-200


Soft aluminum foil, coated with aggressive solvent-based hot melt adhesive, which provides with high peel adhesion and quick sticking.

Designed for sealing joints and seams of foil jacket facings in air-conditioning duct work and for fixing copper tubing in refrigerators.

Typical Physical
(21 Degree, stainless steel)
Note:    Typical data for reference, not for specification purpose.
Testing method
Peel adhesion at 180°: 0.25KN/M D 3330
Tensile Strength: 3.5KN/M D 3759
Elongation at Break: 3% D 3759
Initial Adhesion: >5#
Total Thickness:



D 3652




1.Used for wrapping pipes, engines and wires.

2. Applied in tubes and jointing catalyst for airconditioner, refrigerator and water heaters and other outdoor applicaions.

3. Heat or cold reflective wrap along or over insulation.Apply to tubes,engine support structures.Wrapping vinyl coated wires to protect them from water,dust,and any chemical.

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