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Double-sided Filament Tape GF-0302-180H
  • Item Code: GF-0302-180H
  • Port: Guangzhou (huangpu)
  • MOQ: 4000
  • Color: Yellow release liner

  • Product Details

Good Quality Double-sided Filament Tape GF-0302-180H


The reinforced fiberglass yarn of Double-sided Filament Tape GF-0302-180H provides the filament tapes high tensile strength;the PET film backing provides excellent abrasion and moisture resistance. The proper packaging-grade adhesive is specially to provide good initial adhesion long-term holding power.

Typical Physical Properties
(21 Degree, stainless steel)

Note:    Typical data for reference, not for specification purpose.

Testing method
Face adhesive 0.1mm( thickness)    
Backing adhesive 0.1mm( thickness)
Release liner 0.075mm
Total Thickness 0.275mm
Peel adhesion at 180°: 60N/25mm D 3330
Initial adhesion: 16# D 3121
Holding Power: 72h D 3654
Elongation: 3% D 3759

Little knowledge for tape application:

1.The laminated adhesion depends on the contact area therefore a proper pressure & time helps improve the adhesion strength.

2.The substrates should be clean without oil, clean using solvents when necessary.

3.The best laminate temperature is room temperature; it becomes hard when temperature approach 0 as the adhesive film becomes firm.

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